12th May ,2011

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The last two months I have visited the affected area of Great East Japan Earthquake over 36 times. I also visited the districts 6km far away from the nuclear plant in Fukushima with radiation detector, invisible
fear of nuclear radiation struck me. As I hear the story from people in affected area, I realized a lot of people have the feeling that ongoing facts are just nightmare, and they would come out from the nightmare
I would like to express my hearty sympathy to a lot of people suffered by the disaster, and people lost their family or friends.

What gave me a hope during the difficult time were children trying to step forward for the recovery at their own will. I have been dedicated to Universal Design in US, after that I have been working to develop
the technology in Japan or Asia. I believe heart is the most important thing. I am going to continue assisting children through the art therapy designed to release their trauma psychologically and physically.

Mayumi Sasaki, photographer worked for this exhibition, is also at a difficult loss by the disaster. As per 11th May, 14981 people passed away, and 9853 people are still unknown. I would like to dedicate the
exhibition to the memory of the people.
I hope delivering the Global Message to Asia and Europe in future, and the project being a bridge between the world and Japan.

Satoshi Nakagawa