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March 10th – 16th, 2012
「Japan, A Year After 311」

Through March 10th to March 16th at Espace Evolution, Paris, we will display an exhibition of  “Global Message Relay,” one of hugjapan’s projects, and photographs and footage taken in the disaster areas. The objective of this exhibition is to accurately convey the reality of the affected areas, and to pass on words of support from around the world to disaster victims. Through spreading the circle of support, we hope to connect victims with the world and ultimately promote the swift reconstruction of disaster areas.
We will be putting on display 400 messages and drawings by children with the themes “Words to convey and a future to picture” and “My dream.” We will also have visitors write messages to disaster areas, and deliver them to the children after the exhibition.
hugjapan has conducted exhibitions in New York and Taipei so far, and hopes to add more cities to the list.

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March 10 – 16, 2012
10:00〜19:00 ※10:00〜15:00 on the 16th
※Seminar and reception
March 12 17:00~19:00 (Reception: 16:00)
There will be a networking event at the exhibition space for our supporters in Paris.

Free Admission

Espace Evolution
5, rue Saint Merri – 75004 Paris (métro et parking Hôtel de Ville)

Global Message Relay
We are helping children who experienced this unpredented disaster ease their pain and fear by encouraging them to freely express their feelings through art and writing. We visited schools and evacuation centers in areas suffering from damage from the earthquake, tsunami, and the nuclear plant accident, and collected messages and drawing with the theme “Words to convey and a future to picture.” We hope that showing these messages will help the world understand the situation that these children are in. We plan to bring back supportive messages from around the world to them.

・Global message relay

photographs and footage of the reality of life in disaster areas

“Bateaux Noel”
footage of activities in disaster areas

“Stories and Memories”
words of realization by disaster victims, a year after 311 office of the seminaries Masahiro HORIE of Tohoku Institute Of Technology



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 Satoshi Nakagawa,
product designer
 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tokyo
 Project Professor, Design Innovation Laboratory,
 Graduate School of Engineering
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 Embassy of Japan in France


 The Japanese Committee in France

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 Benesse Corporation
Bivio Corporation
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
KDDI R&D laboratories Inc
Nippon express Co., Ltd.
RICOH Company, Ltd.
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Toyota Motor Corporation
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YANMAR Co., Ltd.

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 Katsura Design Lab. LLC
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